5 Signs you might need leadership interventions in your team

5 signs you might need leadership intervention in your team

Leadership is crucial to the success of any organization. I believe the most critical asset of any organization is not it’s asset holdings, its patents, products, or services. It is, its people and therefore effective leadership is vital!!

Last week I was meeting over coffee with a business owner I had met at a networking event. He has a IT firm with a team of about 25 and started the conversation with telling me how business is “OK”. Once we got chatting for a while and some trust was established, he shared more about leadership challenges.

He was telling me, everything is generally good but competition is getting tougher with so many smaller boutique start ups. Many of his team has been leaving around 2-4yr mark. Misunderstandings among the different departments are common. Stress is constantly high trying to meet various deadlines and often they are arguing who is holding up the project. He has been in business for many years and has been around the block a few times. He has few people on stress leave and mental health days seem to be on the rise. He really wanted to improve the situation for everyone but just didn’t know how or where to start!

Over the years, I have had similar conversations with many entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, and CEOs. Since these challenges are not specific to any industry or sector, I thought I would share these signs that you might need leadership intervention.

You have high turnover

Are you experiencing high turnover? Are your top performers leaving around the 2-4year mark? This is when they know the business well and can be the most productive. Maybe, you are a manager, an entrepreneur, a director, or a CEO, either way, you know how it feels. You know all of this is costing you money and you may be even considering cutting some staff very soon. If this is you, then leadership intervention will help lower your turnover and keep your employees happy and productive.


Your team isn’t engaged

Does your team come with new ideas for products/services or how to improve things? How engaged is your team at meetings or do they look bored? What is the percentage of your employee satisfaction survey? You know we all say so much by not saying anything! You have heard the buzz word ‘Engagement’. Engagement is an excellent indicator of leadership; however, many organizations only give it lip service. You really need to pay attention to the level of engagement, as this emotional behaviour can be so beneficial to you and your organization. Asking the right questions, and analyzing the results are the first steps, followed by appropriate leadership intervention to bring the outcomes you want. Remember, one size does not fit all. It is crucial to have the right approach and strategies that is most suitable to and your organization.

You don’t trust your team Create future leaders through your leadership

Are you complaining of spending a lot of time putting out fires among your staff? Lack of trust, between you, your team and among colleagues is vital in any organization. Lack of trust not only creates many misunderstandings, but it also increases workplace stress and decreases productivity. This is a clear indication of a toxic workplace and hurts the bottom line, even in not-for-profit organizations. Often, lack of trust is the root cause and miscommunication is the symptom at a workplace. The right leadership intervention such as ‘building trust’ and ‘effective interpersonal communication’ can certainly help you, your team and your workplace.

You exaggerate the negative in your team

How often do you recognize and acknowledge their work? Do you only see faults with your team? If you are like most people, you think of the negative or the problem, more frequently than the solutions for what works. According to professor Broom of Canada, ‘feeling unrecognized & undervalued at work’ is the 2nd highest risk factor for workplace stress. If this sounds familiar, you can take some small and easy steps i.e. thanking your team, for some real benefits. Again, there are many ideas and suggestions, specific to suit the needs of your workplace that are easy and effective to implement. Practice sincerely thanking your team for their work, contributions, and ideas.

Your team regularly misunderstands you

How much time do you invest in your learning and development as a leader, CEO, manager, or business owner? If you are thinking, ‘who has the time for that’, then you need to start doing things differently. Every effective leader invests in their development and self-awareness to be successful. Self awareness is the precursor for clarity of vision for any leader!


Although, these challenges are common, the solutions need to be more specific and customized to suite your precise needs and goals. I generally like to speak with the management team for a more comprehensive analysis. Sometimes I design questionnaires for everyone to get a better glimpse into the big picture of the organization before suggesting a plan of action. Regardless of the specific strategy, a multi-pronged approach of training, and group or individual coaching are proven for greater internalization! The gap from Information to Transformation

Of course, there are other pieces to each of these areas for effective leadership and transformation. This is an area of great interest to me where I have invested many years researching and looking at the indicators of leadership excellence. I have worked with many clients who have achieved real benefits and outcomes to transform their organization!

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