5 ways Collaboration will supercharge your team to Productivity and Innovation

You may think, you just need to be more competitive in today’s market or that you don’t need collaboration or a cohesive culture for your business or workplace. Well, think again. Collaboration will help you become more competitive. Collaboration will supercharge your team to productivity, engagement, innovation and increase profits!

Some of you may know that I have grown and added a team member. You may think this, is so I can offload tasks I don’t like to her. Wrong!!

Yes, I wanted to increase capacity, but more over I have always been a strong believer in collaboration with its incredible benefits. Research confirms collaboration, improves self-awareness, enhances diversity, greater understanding, superior problem solving while increasing ideas and innovation.

Collaboration is vital for success. Don’t get me wrong, I have always collaborated even when I did not have a team member. How did I collaborate? I collaborate with organizations that I belong to, collaborated with colleagues, or associates. Julie and I, are having lots of fun coming up with ideas, improving processes, learning, streamlining, doing things we had never done before and of course, better social media posts!


Let’s learn more about collaboration:

1. Why is collaboration important? 

We can all get comfortable in our work environment and soon stop coming up with new ideas. Collaboration will enhance greater understanding amongst the team. Employees start seeing the big picture and how they contribute to the whole organization. A business or workplace that becomes stale, will not last long. Collaboration in your team will lead to expansion of ideas, longevity of organization, and growth!


2. Collaboration improves self awareness

We will develop greater self-awareness as we work closely together. We become more aware of our body language, tone, facial expressions and of course, our language. We also realize some of our habits, how we do things, and why we do them.

Now, you may ask why is self-awareness important? Well self-awareness is one of the principles of leadership. Everyone in the organization can progress on the attitude of leadership!


3. Collaboration increases innovation

I know it’s easy to work with those in the same team or doing the same job. However, when we put people from different backgrounds, skills, or ages, together, we learn from one another. This diversity gets the juices of new designs or processes flowing. This will help avoid ‘this is how we have always done things’ syndrome and leading to more ideas, creativity, and innovation.


4. Collaboration leads to better problem solving

A team that solves a problem, gets to know each other better and builds trust. I have never seen a team that did not trust each other but was able to collaborate. A group of people working together, don’t suddenly become a team.
As trust is established, a group of people gradually become a team. Trust is the foundation for enhanced collaboration. Trust will also improve communication among employees, which will impact stress and productivity.


5. Business benefits of collaboration

Not sold on collaboration yet? Collaboration will help you be more competitive and increase your bottom line. It will improve employee engagement and retention, while attracting top talent.
Hold on, the business benefits of collaboration are not done yet, there is more. You will experience greater productivity, and less stress among your employees. You will have more effective meetings, greater flexibility, and even experience better physical/mental health. And of course, last but not least, you will see an increase in your profits!!


Here is a check list of the skills that will enhance collaboration:

 Active listening
 Flexibility
 Trust
 Organizational skills
 Reliability
 Being supportive
 Non-defensive communication

 Taking responsibility
 Clarity
 Engagement
 Healthy boundaries
 Commitment
 Interpersonal skills
 Respect
 Keeping an open mind
 Welcoming attitude


Collaboration increases Fun & engagement. Create opportunities for your team to have fun together.


Collaborate with various departments and teams. Collaborate with cross sections and go out of your comfort zone a bit. You will reduce some barriers and enhance the results.

Here is one of my other examples of collaboration, this summer I hired Crystal Picard.  She thought me how to build my own first 5 module online training, ‘Gratitude@Work’. It was an awesome experience, where we learned so much about each other, learned more about ourselves, and had some new ideas. My learning curve went through the roof and most of all, we had a lot of FUN!

Of course, she wasn’t the only one I have collaborated with. I have had a lot of fun with so many incredible individuals, businesses, government departments, universities, not for profit organizations, boards, and companies. To each and everyone of you I have learned so much and I am truly grateful to be Your Co-Creative Partner. 😊

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