Are skills born…or are they grown?

Originating in the world of sport and education, Growth Mindset trusts in one’s capacity to learn and grow. It is a concept that is changing and improving the way people learn and develop. Researchers at Stanford University have studied why certain people succeed, while others who are equally talented do not. Their findings suggest that there are two ways to think about learning.

Fixed Mindset is believing you don’t control your skills and abilities, but that they are a natural gift and either you have it or or you don’t. This is common in groups with minimal or average success.

Growth Mindset is believing you can control your skills and abilities by your positive attitude towards continually growing and expanding your skill set and intelligence. This belief is common in groups with higher expectations of themselves and a passionate drive to succeed.

Growth Mindset is the foundation for great learning. Those with a Growth Mindset learn more over time than those with a Fixed Mindset. Organizations that embrace and integrate growth mindset into their workplace culture achieve greater things than those who do not.

For example, you as the CEO announce to your team “that revenues are declining” if they have a fixed mindsets, stress and anxiety goes up, paralysing fear of cutbacks sets in and productivity plummets. The same announcement to a highly evolved team, makes them think “what can we do to help, or how can we be more creative and innovative? This, is one example of Growth Mindset.

Tap into over 3 decades of research, knowledge and expertise in how a Growth Mindset can transform people and businesses alike. Encourage collaboration, improve engagement, increase productivity & innovation, and turn average into extraordinary!

“Change happens when you believe in a brighter future”

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