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You should know first that my greatest joy is working with groups to create a Positive Culture, it’s a growth process fueled by happiness, and joy! I believe it should be important to all of us to build engaging workplaces, to nurture mental health, to enhance collaboration, to foster productivity and to innovation. I truly believe everyone can enjoy more of work and life.

“What I do, is who I am!”


Growth Mindset and Mindfulness are at the core of, what I do, how I do things, why I do them, and who I am. I have happily invested over three decades of energy, experience and research into transforming mindsets for enhance communication, trust, and leadership!

Experience has taught that it is more effective to look forward rather than to focus on the rear-view mirror. A solutions-based approach, builds on strengths rather than dwelling on obstacles. Given the anxiety that often surrounds achieving unrealistic goals, I believe we must find ways of staying the course and enjoying the journey to positive outcomes! We control our own destiny in life and business. Where we are today, is the result of our previous thoughts and beliefs. I work with those people who choose to grow and have fun along the journey!

Imagine where you would rather be?


Recognize Your Potential’s Mission is to connect and collaborate with those invested in better leadership, workplace quality, improved communication and increased innovation. Together we can be on the leading edge of training, by transforming attitudes and attaining affirmative corporate culture. My personal passion is to be the catalyst for that journey from information to transformation.

“When we embrace difficulties, we see opportunities”

Outcomes. RYP offers training in Growth Mindset, Leadership, Communicating for Success, Diversity and Inclusion, and Difficult Conversations Simplified. In her Performance Unleashed program. Floria builds strong engaged teams that invigorate the workplace through enhanced productivity and innovation. Working with executives, managers, diverse teams, CEOs, academia, not-for-profits and businesses of all kinds, RYP has effectively accomplished:
• Trusting Relationships
• Increased Productivity
• Greater Customer Satisfaction
• Workplace Change
• A Change to Growth Mindset
• A Renewed Competitive Edge
Those who have worked with Floria praise her enthusiasm, positive energy, “hands-on” problem solving approach, and sincere “no-nonsense” communication skills. She is a champion for diversity, and in her own words:
”Diversity and Inclusion should be fundamental to the way we hire, promote, train, think, do business, or be a good neighbour, and is a wonderful way to grow as a person!”

“Attitude = Outcomes”

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