A few simple questions will tell you if you and your business are on track, need a little help or have some issues that need addressing.

Respond to each question with an agree or disagree, using the 1 to 4 scale shown. Totaling your scores at the end will provide an evaluation of the status of your workplace.”

Agree = 1 – Mostly agree = 2 – Mostly disagree = 3 – Disagree = 4

  1. I am constantly defending my decisions and recommendations to the management team
  1. Managers here waste too much time debating instead of deciding
  1. Staff do not seem to understand or accept the importance of our firm’s business
  1. Managers here don’t have enough respect for each other’s function or role
  1. We could be a lot more productive if we stopped wasting time on trivial things
  1. Absenteeism here is high due to stress and related issues
  1. There is no recognition for hard work and diligence at this organization
  1. Many of our best workers have left for greener fields
  1. It’s hard to stay motivated and keep doing good work
  1. My team can’t seem to agree on anything and gets too little done

A Score of more than 30 –  Your organization appears to have a healthy dynamic mindset – let’s build on it!

A Score of 25 to 30  –  Your organization is on the right track and further support will help! 

A Score of 20 to 25   –  Your organization appears to have some challenges that we can turn into opportunities!

If you scored 19 or less  – Your organization is really in need of some assistance now!

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