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Interested in truly inspiring your team or association to be the best both professionally and personally?

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Professional Development

Professional Development Starts with You ! Do you want help to Achieve your Goals, eliminate Stress, Build Trusting Relationships and be more Confident and Assertive? You have come to the right place! Floria has many years of experience utilising her integrated, proactive and fun approach … Continue reading

Performance Unleashed

Business is Changing . . . Change is inevitable, and leaders who embrace change are better able to manage the rate and impact of transformation to their organization. A strategic investment to improve morale, motivation and innovation will invigorate a workplace to drive Performance, Productivity and Growth. … Continue reading

Gratitude at Work

We all know gratitude in life is helpful and perhaps crucial. Have you ever thought of Gratitude at Work? Well, if it is useful in life it might also be advantageous at the workplace too! Have we become so focused on our rights at work or in life that perhaps we have … Continue reading

Diversity and Inclusion

“Our strength lies in our Diversity” Diversity is Strength Have you ever thought, or heard someone say: Why Diversity? Why can’t we just do things like we have always done? Why should we be so concerned with Diversity and Inclusion? It takes extra time and effort!! Diversity, enhances our understanding … Continue reading


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