Why mindfulness is a superpower?

  Mindfulness is a real superpower. Mindfulness is being aware of your thoughts and feelings, through a gentle, nurturing lens without judgement.  Practicing mindfulness means focusing in the ‘present’ rather than reliving the past or worrying about the future. After all, it is called the ‘Present’! You have the power to shape your beliefs, attitudes,…


Communication improves productivity!!

We have all experienced misunderstandings, can remember the knot in our stomach, or feeling stressed. You also know effective communication increases ideas, efficiency, productivity and innovation in your team. Effective communication skills will help express opinions, feelings, needs and ideas, and improve well-being. It enhances professionalism, eliminate conflicts and hurtful situations at the workplace. You…


5 ways Collaboration will supercharge your team to Productivity and Innovation

You may think, you just need to be more competitive in today’s market or that you don’t need collaboration or a cohesive culture for your business or workplace. Well, think again. Collaboration will help you become more competitive. Collaboration will supercharge your team to productivity, engagement, innovation and increase profits! Some of you may know…


5 things you didn’t know about Gratitude that you can start today to enjoy your life more

  If you are like most people, you are wondering how can gratitude help you sleep better, have more energy, improve focus and attention, manage your stress better or experience fewer aches and pains? I get these questions all the time because most people don’t think they can have these benefits and more, by simply…


5 Signs you might need leadership interventions in your team

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