Floria’s podcasts, Attitude of Altitude, mindset of Happiness 🙂


Floria’s podcasts, on Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, leadership, happiness, trust, empowering, and confidence, transforms mindsets for positive work & life!


Recognize Your Potential connects and collaborates with those invested in positive workplace culture, improved communication and increased efficiency, productivity and innovation. Floria is on the leading edge, by developing attitude of leadership, building trust, and improving confidence, to transform mindsets for positive work & life. You know, information is plentiful, however, turning that into behaviour needs new way of thinking!


Join Floria for weekly podcasts on Growth Mindset, Mindfulness, Happiness,  Empowerment, Attitude of Leadership, Non-Defensive communication, Active listening, and Self-awareness, all with lens of Positivity!


Floria is your Co-Creative Partner on the journey from information to transformation!  🙂


Listen to this week’s podcast “Life after the Shift” with our special guest Bonnie Zinn, part I