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‘Attitude of Altitude’ Mindset of Happiness,

Organizational Health and Personal Development


Interview, Janice MacInnis, manager at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada

Huge thanks to my very special guest Janice MacInnis, Manager of Organizational Health at Dalhousie, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. She enhances the health of employees and the health of Dalhousie as a workplace. Improving the wellness and experience of employees over the 10 years she has been in this role also connects well with her personally. She has dedicated herself to self-improvement and readily shares her learnings and failures with others. She is known for her personal, caring approach, which allows people to sense that she genuinely wants the best for everyone!! 😃💯👏

You can also watch a short video with Janice MacInnis 

Consider how you show up in your life?

  • Speaking for yourself
  • Owning your emotions and being able to articulate that
  • Seizing choices
  • Owning your choices

Get this muscle working….be an active participant in your life!!

It is not about huge about budgets but rather creating a culture!
– Create more opportunities for learning
– Seven dimensions of health
– Acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments
– Customized employee satisfaction surveys


You can also watch a video Janice MacInnis


Janice assists groups and departments with workplace improvement strategies and presents on a wide range of topics. She is a natural collaborator, priding herself on getting things done by forging partnerships and synergies across her organization and beyond. She has a Commerce degree and a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie University, as well as a Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University, in Nova Scotia, Canada.