3 Workshops for superior communication!


Are misunderstandings impacting your productivity?

Are you feeling stressed?

Do you really want to collaborate better?

Would you like to increase profits?


If you have answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then Communication Workshop Series are for YOU

  • Effective Communications Skills
  • Make Confidence Work for You
  • Turn Conflict into Harmony

No one needs more stress. Workload, managing people and projects, or the office politics can all add to stress at the workplace or life. Being exceptional in what you do is not enough. Being able to have difficult conversations is a crucial skill for everyone, to build trust and increase engagement. It is also vital in workplace harmony, growth, productivity, happiness, and innovation. Strengthen your skills and build your assets for any position or environment!


These workshops are for you if:

  • You want to lead your team better
  • You want to communicate better and avoid misunderstandings
  • You know confidence feels fantastic and helps every situation
  • You want to react less and feel more in charge
  • You want to be an active listener
  • You want to be an exceptional communicator
  • You want inspired your team to really collaborate rather than simply share work space
  • You want to build more trust
  • You want manage stress and time better
  • You are serious about increasing productivity


If you are interested in collaborating more effectively and feeling more enthusiastic about work or life, this course is for you. In this presentation, Floria injects humour, good will, positive energy, and lots of fun into every situation for more joy. Give yourself a gift – come and get inspired.

We all know communication impacts stress levels. Whey you have misunderstandings, you spend more time correcting the issue. This ultimately costs you time, money, and productivity.

Communication plays a vital role at the workplace, in business and life. Effective communication skills help express opinions, thoughts, needs and ideas, to improve well-being collaborate better, and enjoy your workplace.

Communication enhances professionalism, eliminate conflicts and hurtful situations at the workplace. It will minimize undue stress, avoid miss-communication, and advantageous when collaborating with colleagues or volunteers.


Some of what you will learn:

  • Principles of communication
  • Elements of active listening
  • Components of communication
  • Let confidence colour your world
  • Managing stress while communicating
  • Effective assertive communication
  • Communicating to build bridges
  • None defensive communication
  • From conflict to harmony


Floria is a dynamic speaker that injects humour, good will, and encouragement into her presentations. Her sessions are unlike any other     mindfulness programs. Floria’s energy, enthusiasm, and sheer joy are contagious.

Give yourself a gift – come and get inspired.