Mindfulness, is Power of Joy & Happiness


I have happily devoted over three decades to Mindfulness and Growth Mindset. I love being your Co-Creative Partner on the journey from information to transformation! 😊


 I focus on developing Attitude of Leadership, Building Trust, and Improving Confidence, to transform mindsets for positive work & life. This is how you stay on the on the leading edge. You know, information is plentiful, however, turning that information into behaviour needs a new way of thinking! ✌


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You asked for it, and I have listened!!

You know Mindfulness is a Superpower. ✌

Mindfulness for Happiness & Joy 😊

Mindfulness to enjoy more out of life can offer you! 



Mindfulness is for you if you want to: 

– Live on purpose
– Understand the gifts of you emotions
– Feel more balance
– Enhance your relationships
– Take charge
– Live the life you want
– Be happy
– Bring harmony to your work and life
– Enjoy your journey 


You will also learn and practice meditation every week. 

Register for my upcoming Mindfulness workshops, or simply drop in. The weekly sessions and practice will create a strong foundation. Build a positive momentum to propel YOU ahead!! 


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I love sharing what I have learned with you. Invest in yourself and reach your goals for unbridled happiness!!  😮

I am hosting series of weekly Mindfulness workshops: 

We will:

– Meditate
– Practice Mindfulness at work, play and in life
– Be more self aware
– Learn how to get in touch with your emotions
– Enjoy better health through Mindfulness



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Each week will include new material, as well as discussing relevant questions or topics You can implement to Super charge your life!

May 6
May 13
May 20
May 27
June 3
June 10
June 17
June 24

Register for all 8 weeks at this special introductory price $160 + HST

Weekly drop in fee $25 plus HST

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